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Activity Book 1
Our Price: $3.95

48-Pages Of Educational Puzzles, Games, And Coloring Pages. Perfect For Your Young Horse Lover.

Activity Book 2
Our Price: $3.95

61 pages of Educational Puzzles,Games and Coloring pages. It provides the young with hours of delight.
Our Price: $9.95

Annie is introduced in Ellen Feld's fifth "Morgan Horse Series" book. Uncertain of her origin, Chauncy decides to bring Annie home to Gallant Morgans. When Heather discovers Annie's identity, she is afraid to tell Chauncy, knowing Annie may be returned too a cruel trainer. What will happen to Annie? Artwork by Jeanne Herrick
Our Price: $9.95

A delightful book that will pull the heartstrings of any horse lover, "Blackjack" belongs in your Morgan library. A perfect gift for any occasion! The first book in Ellen Feld's Morgan Horse Series. Winner of the 2005 International Reading Association's Childrens Choice Award.
Our Price: $9.95

The second book in Ellen Feld's Morgan Horse Series. A rare gray Morgan named Frosty is introduced. Frosty's talent lies in trail riding. Heather an Frosty become trail buddies and must learn to trust each other if they are to survive the Vermont woods.
Further Adventures of Blackjack
Our Price: $9.95

This is the seventh book in Ellen Feld's popular Morgan Horse Series. In this story Heather and Blackjack have had an awesome show season, winning top ribbons at all the New England Morgan shows. This could be the year they get to go to Oklahoma to compete in The Grand National & World Championship Morgan Horse Show! But travel from New England to Oklahoma is quite expensive especially with a 1000 pound animal and there is a lot that can happen on a four-day trip across the United States with 15 frisky horses cramped into a large horse van!
Justin Morgan Had a Horse Book
Our Price: $9.95

The timeless Marguerite Henry story that introduces Justin Morgan to the world! Relive your childhood or introduce the little ones in your life!

Our Price: $9.95

Rimfire the sixth book in the "Morgan Horse" series by Ellen Feld take s readers to a whole new realm within the world of horses. When Heather travels to Oklahoma to visit family friends she is introduced to Barrel Racing. Falling in love with this quick paced sport, Heather is thrilled when she returns home and discovers Rimfire, a fabulous Morgan barrel racer that just happens to be for sale. When her parents refuse to buy yet another horse, Heather convinces her friend Nicholas to purchase Rimfire. Every thing is going well until Heather decides to take Rimfire to a competition without Nicholas' permission. What will happen?

Our Price: $9.95

Ellen Feld's fourth "Morgan Horse series" book introduces Karen Greene and her lovable Morgan Robin. Karen is traumatized by a traumatic riding accident. Can Heather, Nicholas and the horses of Gallant Morgans help Karen overcome her fears so she can enjoy Robin again?

Our Price: $9.95

The third book in the "Morgan Horse Series", award winning Equine author Ellen Feld entertains readers with another adventure. In this story, Heather decides to try her luck in a new discipline and enters Rusty, a pretty bay gelding in several jumping competitions. Everything is going well until Heather begins to doubt herself. Will a new friend, Nicholas be able to help Heather overcome her fears and win the jump-off?